Updated Thursday March 24, 2016 by Xavier Williams.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding Flag Mania, please give us a call at 813-732-2598 or send us an email and we will respond to all inquiries.  Below are a few questions and answers you may already have. Thank You.

When is the deadline to sign up for Flag Mania?

The deadline to sign up for Flag Mania is June 5, 2016.

How will the winner of the tournament receive their earnings?

The winner of the tournament will receive $5000 in cash at the end of the championship game.

What are the field dimensions for the tournament?

Flag Mania will be played on 2 regulated NIRSA football fields.  40 yards in width and (4) 20 yard zones with 10 yard end zones on each end.

What if I signed up for the tournament and I later decided not to participate, do I receive a refund?

Flag Mania has a No Refund Policy.

If my team lose can I join another team and continue to play in the tournament?

No. Once your team is eliminated from the tournament you’re not eligible to join another team.

What if I don’t have a valid photo ID with my name and birthday?

If you’re unable to provide a valid photo ID with your name and birthday you will not be allow to participate in Flag Mania.

How will I know when I’ll be placed on a team if I signed up as a free agent?

You will be notified as free agents fill up positions on a team not exceeding 11 players.

***If your team wins the tournament that team receives free entry into the next Flag Mania tournament.  You cannot add someone new to that roster and maintain your free entry eligibility status. ***