Updated Thursday March 24, 2016 by Flag Mania.


Flag Mania is the beginning of something really great.  Where players will have their talents put to test against the best of the best. Team camaraderie, strategic play and mental toughness will be key on your way to becoming Flag Mania Tournament Champions.

The first round of Flag Mania will be Saturday, June 11, 2016 at the Larry Sanders Progress Village Sports Complex 5855 S. 78th Street Tampa, FL 33619. The first games will begin at 9am. The second round will be Sunday, June 12, 2016 and the first games will begin at 9am.

There will be professional photographers that will capture all the excitement of the entire tournament.  Photos will be available on the Photo Albums tab on the web page after each tournament.

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***Player safety is paramount, we highly recommend that everyone participating in Flag Mania to stretch before every game and stay hydrated.  We will provide water on each sideline of the fields being utilized for Flag Mania.***