Getting Help

For assistance with Registration,


Updated Monday May 2, 2016 by Flag Mania.

Registrations are done online by clicking Register Click Here or Log In tab on the web page and creating an account.

Registration Fee:

Team registration $495. Teams will not exceed 11 players per team.

When registering your team please ensure that the player's name and birthday are the same as on a valid photo ID (ex. Driver license, state issued ID card, passport, etc.)

Free Agent registration $55.  Free agents will be placed on a team not exceeding 11 players. 

For players that would like to be on the same team as someone you know who signed up as a free agent, annotate the individual's first and last name in the comment box, and we will coordinate with placing players together. 

Please ensure your name and birthday are the same as on a valid photo ID (ex. Driver license, state issued ID, passport, etc.)

There will be a player check in table under the pavilion where individuals will provide photo identification and there will be an Amateur Athletic Waiver and Release of Liability form ALL players participating in Flag Mania MUST READ AND SIGN before their first game.  Once a player has checked-in they will receive a paper wristband that will validate their eligibility to play.